The Spiritual Side

Sophi's Nana, Lisa Prosser-Dodds, wrote the following:

We know very clearly Sophi has been lifted in prayer by people of all seven of the world’s major religions and MANY who identify as spiritual rather than religious. Friends, relatives and members of our own faith tradition have expressed publicly on FaceBook and other social media platforms the way in which they are lifting Sophi into the light of love. I found out today many more are out there praying and lifting her quietly, and in their own ways. I was talking with a friend today, a casual friend I see two or three times a year, and not a FB friend of mine. As she shared the following with me, I was once again humbled by the strength of our community…

“Lisa, on the day of Sophi’s surgery, I read Tim’s post about praying for the hands of the surgeon and that touched me deeply. I wrote it down and stuck it in my purse. Every time I opened my purse that day I remembered she was in surgery and prayed for her. I was in constant prayer throughout the day. I don’t think I even realized how deeply I was concerned until I read Tim’s post that it was over and the surgery was successful. It was as if I had been holding my breath all day and finally exhaled. Even though I have never met Sophia in person, she has become a part of my life and changed me in many ways. I appreciate God’s gift of modern medicine and the fight she has taken on with such strength, she is sophistrong.”

With tears in my eyes, I expressed my deepest gratitude for her caring. I also appreciated her expression of something I have struggled with. While I understand and accept the expression “Thank God” or “What a miracle!” a part of me cringes. Don’t misunderstand, I believe the amount of prayer and positive energy raised for Sophi was a definite part of her amazing outcomes, but I find myself wanting to express, "don’t forget the struggle she endures in this journey!" It is not a capricious or fickle God who will find it favorable to heal her, but rather it is the combination of medicine, spiritual uplifting, skills of the surgeon, and most importantly Sophi’s indomitable spirit and strength to do anything that is asked of her along the way.

This is not an easy blog to publish, but I hope you can appreciate the spirit of humble love with which it is written.