High Points

We have been home for a few days recovering from our trip, and Sophi is recovering from surgery and round 6 of chemo. Zac and I have returned to work, though admittedly our brains are having a hard time adjusting back into work mode. Today I have been reflecting on the experience. Over the next few days I will share a few of the high points that didn't make it in the general overviews that I wrote every day.

Half of the reason we went to NYC is because of her surgeon, Dr. La Quaglia. We've talked about him a lot, he is the best at what he does. Prior to surgery our interaction with him was professional and to the point, he took the time to help us understand and ask questions, but he was very clear that we were walking into a very serious surgery. Sophi had had a long day prior to our meeting with him and wasn't really interested in connecting with anyone, but she did give him a sticker for his white coat. Post surgery I can't say that the interactions got any "lighter," very to the point and logical, BUT he still had that sticker on his coat. Then, the day after her pathology report came back with amazing news, that all changed. Sophi was in a great mood, chatty and willing to interact with this man she had now seen 5-6 times, and he still had her sticker on. He had his Starbucks in hand and spent 5 minutes letting her show him pictures of her before she lost her hair, and he commented on what a beautiful girl she is. She looked straight at him and asked, "Am I still beautiful?" He raised his eyebrows and smiled and said, "look at your eyes! They haven't changed. You are still a very beautiful little girl." She beamed at him and he turned to leave and said, "Sophi, I'll see you at your wedding."