Sophi's Story: Chapter 1


January 30th 2016.  Our family was out on a nature walk and while exploring, Sophia had got something in her eye.  We took her to urgent care to have her eye examined and to make sure she hadn’t damaged it.  At the clinic we confirmed there were no issues with her eye, but during that trip we found out her blood pressure was very high.  The urgent care urged us to follow up with our daughter's primary care physician, and sent us home.  The next day, we did follow up with Sophia's primary doctor and from that visit we were sent directly to the ER.  Her blood pressure was dangerously high, reading 170 over 110 and over the next 2 weeks, after numerous tests, the doctors sat us down to deliver the news that no family ever expects or wants.

On February 12th, 2016, Sophia was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a rare type of childhood cancer.  The doctors identified a large tumor on her adrenal gland, above her left Kidney.  The tumor was the cause of the original symptom, her elevated blood pressure which that had brought us in.  The doctors predict that Sophia will have a long battle over the next 2 years with various treatments of chemo, surgery, and radiation therapy. We are eternally grateful for that nature walk because without getting something in her eye we would not have caught the cancer early. Throughout this process Sophia has been the example of bravery and positivity, helping all of us cope.

You go Sophi! You’ve got this! Sophi Strong!!!
— Beth Gurss
Thank you, Sophi for being a inspiration to all. You inspire me every day. Stay Sophi Strong!
— Krista Kwak
Nana and Papa joined the no-hair club! We love you to infinity, Sophia Renee!
— Nana and Papa
Sending absolutely pure energy and healing white light to this little sweet pea!! Love you sweet girlie! Hang in there Momma, Dad and little Jude!!
— Melissa Roach